How to Change Ringtread on Tyre Casing by Recap || The Most Amazing Process of Retreading Old Tyre
  • 03.08.2022
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SUBSCRIBE Retreading is a process through which we can use our old tyres. In this method, a worn casing of a tyre that has a good structural quality is taken off and put through a process in which it gets a completely renewed tread and sidewall rubber. After that, the revamped tyre is taken forward for a

WOW Omg!! Filmed In Person So Wrong Bulldozer Lost Control Mechanic Fail Run Into Deep Water
  • 03.08.2022
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OMG Filmed in person! so wrong operator lost control mechanic fail bulldozer KOMATSU D65E run into deep water, it incredible moment at work while bulldozer pushing sand, use excavator CAT

Excavator Busts Open Rock, Had No Idea What He's Done
  • 14.07.2022
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Funk’s eyes darted across the faces of workers as they rushed to the scene. The squelch of their boots hitting the oily sand sound gave way to the sound of gasps. He felt like he was living in a science fiction movie. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing. Out of the rock crept something you could only see to believe. What was it?

TOP 10 Accidents In Metal Industry ✅
  • 14.07.2022
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10 Accidents In Metal Industry! This Video talks about different kinds of risks that is associated in metal industry. So. that we can aware you about safety instructions.